Three types of illuminati agents are working overtime to complete the destruction of Israel agenda: the Vatican; the iranian leadership; and the most important of them all, the Israeli leaders. Because the most efficient agents are always the traitors, acting from within. Explained COMPLETELY FIRST long agoand so far ONLY by the same prophet who decoded the illuminati code for the "Panzer Kardinal" Natzinger, the day before the illuminati "elected" him.

Jun 6, 2006

Solana makes peace with Mahdi in Teheran: The illuminati script for 6 June 2006 (06/06/06)

6 June 2006 - Bush & Solana offer Iran nuclear technology, as predicted by Prophet

AP, June 6, 2006 - A package of incentives presented Tuesday to Iran includes a provision for the United States to supply Tehran with some nuclear technology....

The offer was part of a series of rewards offered to Tehran by European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana, according to the diplomats, who were familiar with the proposals and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because they were disclosing confidential details of the offer.

NYT, June 6, 2006 - European diplomats and a senior Bush administration official said the offer was going to include a commitment to support Iran's plan for a nuclear energy program for civilian use; this was to include building light-water reactors...

The most compelling item, though, may be the American offer announced last week to end its nearly three-decade policy against direct talks with Iran and to join in the negotiations over Iran's nuclear program. Washington has also offered to waive trade sanctions against Iran to allow the purchase of American agricultural appliances and the sale of Boeing aircraft parts, along with aircraft and parts from Airbus, according to government officials.

The United States and Europe also agreed to back Iran's membership in the World Trade Organization.

--- Explained long ago by Illuminati End Times Prophet:
Iranian leadership totally under illuminati control

It's Official - NATO will let Iran get the atomic bomb and nuclear weapons -BREAKING... NOT (05-23-2006)

Solana makes peace with Mahdi in Teheran: The illuminati script for 6 June 2006 (06/06/06) - explained worldwide first by ... you know who

The man that officially gave the order to start World War III, 24 March 1999 (1), aka the first "humanitarian war" in History, seven years later, celebrates "Glory of the olive" and destruction of Israel, sealing "peace" with "Holocaust is a hoax" Mahdi - in Teheran, as predicted (2).

June 6 (Bloomberg) -- Iran's top nuclear negotiator said there are ``positive steps'' in U.S.-backed incentives aimed at persuading the Islamic Republic to hold international talks about ending the production of nuclear fuel.
European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana presented the proposal today in Tehran, saying it would ``allow us to get engaged in negotiations,'' according to the official Islamic Republic News Agency.
``We had constructive talks. This proposal is comprised of positive steps and certain ambiguities that need to be addressed.''

"We want to start a new relationship on the basis of mutual respect and mutual trust," Solana said ...

(1) As far as I know I was the first to explained the role of Solana in the illuminati script for Armaggeddon ... in October 1998. Archived first by Internet Archive Wayback Machine, February 10, 2001

(2) The "Solana / 06.06.06" script explained hours before the announcement: ( Original article in forums )

Pope coins "why God tolerated" (the Holocaust), leaves question unanswered - why

29 May 2006 - one of the last survivors of Hitler's Army as Pope in Auschwitz.
Auschwitz, the stage chosen to speak out the three unprecedented words that three days later appear in 52,700 pages in the Google index.
So, why did Pope Benedict XVI coin the unanswered question, "why God tolerated" (the Holocaust)?

Google test for the Pope's unprecedented three words
Once again with Google an unprecedented end times event can immediately be confirmed: The illuminati have just coined a new expression.
Two simple searches immediately show that all those 52,700 pages appeared following the Pope's three words, in the last three days.
Three days later, June 1, 2006, Google search for those three words - "why God tolerated":
Results 1 - 10 of about 52,700 for "why God tolerated"

Now the same search but excluding pages with "pope": "why God tolerated" -pope
Results 1 - 2 of about 3 for "why God tolerated" -pope
BTW, note the satanic conotation in the only page where the expression appeared(1).

ALLOWED was the word that was replaced
The Pope doesn't use the obvious word. Again with google, you can easily check the word that was replaced, i.e. ALLOWED:
Results 1 - 10 of about 18,600 for "why God allowed" -pope

The questions are: Why was "tolerated" the word chosen? Why was the Pope chosen to do it? Why was Auschwitz the stage chosen? Why didn't the Pope give an answer?

Suggestion: start here:
1 - Third Reich Army: One of last survivors visits Auschwitz as Pope Benedict XVI, photo
2- To Believers God ALLOWED computers because ... (still open answer)

-------------- Notes
(1) note the satanic mark in the only page where those three words appeared, before 29 May. The title:
On a scale of 1-10, how ridiculous was the Terry Schaivo madness of last year?
Snip: when people were breaking into her house to give her a glass of water ... did it not make you feel a little sick to your stomach?

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