Three types of illuminati agents are working overtime to complete the destruction of Israel agenda: the Vatican; the iranian leadership; and the most important of them all, the Israeli leaders. Because the most efficient agents are always the traitors, acting from within. Explained COMPLETELY FIRST long agoand so far ONLY by the same prophet who decoded the illuminati code for the "Panzer Kardinal" Natzinger, the day before the illuminati "elected" him.

Jun 6, 2007

Jerusalem, Western Wall liberated: one generation later to the day, treasonous Knesset, Israel government, hide it

Jerusalem, Western Wall liberated, 40 years to this day, or one generation in the Bible. (1)
40 years later, the illuminati erased from your memory David vs. Goliath 1967, aka Six Day War. (2)
In the process, the Knesset Israel traitors (3), the most important illuminati agents in the destruction of Israel, can now afford to even forget about it this very day (4).
Anything is possible once the sheeple have accepted the mark. (5)

(1) Photo: Zion Karasanti, Yitzhak Yifat and Haim Oshrí, IDF soldiers at Jerusalem's Western Wall shortly after its capture, 7 June 1967.

(2) The Illuminati could not rewrite the facts in one generation. It was a war that involved too many countries, the dimension of the victory of David was unprecedented in History.
No wonder, that victory was a milestone in the History of End Times.
So the illuminati just erased it from the memory of their sheep, by keeping silent about it.
Especially important in Israel, as the illuminati gave back the Sinai 20 years ago, the milestone setting the foundations for the new process, the destruction of Israel.

(3) 1998-1999; 2007: Great King ressucitated instead of Enslaved World - 1947-1948; 1949: State of Israel instead of completion of Jewish Holocaust

(4) Check the yesteryear section, at the knesset home page:

(5) 2005, August: the israeli sheep watch in silence the goverment terror against the last Gaza settlers, hours before the Gaza synagogues are reduced to rubble.

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