Three types of illuminati agents are working overtime to complete the destruction of Israel agenda: the Vatican; the iranian leadership; and the most important of them all, the Israeli leaders. Because the most efficient agents are always the traitors, acting from within. Explained COMPLETELY FIRST long agoand so far ONLY by the same prophet who decoded the illuminati code for the "Panzer Kardinal" Natzinger, the day before the illuminati "elected" him.

May 12, 2009

"Glory of the Olive" at Mount of Olives and at Mount Precipice

One of the last survivors of Hitler's army, in the "Glory of the Olive" role, at the Mount of Olive Trees and  Mount Precipice .
All that was predicted BEFORE Ratzinger was officially assigned that role.
"Glory of the Olive" at the Mount of Olive Trees , the day before the first of the days of Fatima
12 May 2009 - The same day the illuminati stage the fake biblical 'abomination of desolation' as 'First "Pope" to enter Dome of the Rock ('abomination of desolation' standing on another 'abomination of desolation'), the real act takes place a stone throw away, at the Mount of the Olive Trees (falsely translated as Mount of Olives).

"Glory of the Olive" at the Mount Precipice, Nazareth , the day after the first of the days of Fatima
May 14th, 2009 - Anti-pope celebrates anti-mass where mob tried to push Jesus off the cliff, for an audience where the large majority are muslims commanded to play catholic during another satanic celebration of "Glory of the Olive", to last five LONG days.
The location for the satanic celebration at Nazareth was not the Church of the Annunciation, where Christians believe the angel Gabriel told Mary she would give birth to the son of God, because the main goal of  this celebration was not to celebrate the 'abomination of desolation standing where it should not be".
The location at Nazareth was an amphitheatre built specially for the satanists to celebrate this day, at Mount Precipice, the site where a mob tried to hurl Jesus off a cliff.
Because the main goal was to satanic celebration of the the illuminati agenda of  "genocide of christians", in what concerns the biblical grounds.

Cheering the "tolerant" Middle East muslims, where the extermination of christians is now pratically completed, the most striking example being Iraq, where two million christians were murdered or forced to flee since it was occupied by the mercenaries of the antichrist, 2003.

Added June 5: three weeks later "Obama", the other illuminati actor playing abomination of desolation, repeats the act during the speech "addressed to muslims" at Cairo, Egypt, at the beginning of a two days remake of the anti-pope's journey of three years.

Begin here to end at the day BEFORE April 19, 2005

2007: 4 years later, last of 2 million Christians NOW fleeing antichrist's Babylon

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