Three types of illuminati agents are working overtime to complete the destruction of Israel agenda: the Vatican; the iranian leadership; and the most important of them all, the Israeli leaders. Because the most efficient agents are always the traitors, acting from within. Explained COMPLETELY FIRST long agoand so far ONLY by the same prophet who decoded the illuminati code for the "Panzer Kardinal" Natzinger, the day before the illuminati "elected" him.

Feb 9, 2010

Jews root of all evil illuminati propaganda for dummies

Published Feb 2010. Key facts about the IV Reich updated with later revelations by Last Prophet, notes added.

Jews, root of all evil: Read these 10 lines so that you'll never ever click again this type of illuminati propaganda
- Israel is totally controlled by a gang of illuminazi infiltrators since the 1975 coup led by Peres and Rabin.
- Other than traitors, this gang includes: fake jews and other impostors, such as the impersonator of hero Ariel Sharon, murdered during the 1975 coup.
Illustrated with a fake marriage: "Netanyahu (real name John J Sullivan) stepped on stage as Ben Nitay, was renamed to have netan sound like satan for the global audience while served as "Bibi" for the jewish human cattle. 
His "wife" Sara was selected to look like a pig. 
- all "popes" after Pius XII (since 1958) were illuminazi agents increasingly propagating hatred against Jews.

Key facts about the IV Reich
- the invisible senator "Harry S Truman" who became 33th US president after Roosevelt's fake death and days before the III Reich's surrender was in fact Robert Ritter von Greim, Hitler's last Luftwaffe commander.
- Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton are half-sisters, both Adolph Hitler's daughters.
- the Illuminati Grand Master or in other words the the current real leader of the IV Reich, since at least 1993: Alexander Adolf Hitler, older son of William Patrick Hitler.

Illuminati agent Netanyahu in action as Ben Nitay, 1978:

Page has photo of the impostor impersonating murdered Sharon. 
The main task of the impostor, selected to deliberately look like a pig: expell jews from the Gaza strip, 2005.
The article also has a photo of the real Sharon, standing, first from left.

2013 April: Welsh actor Jonathan Pryce steps on stage, this time to play "Francis (no number), Peter the Roman". One of his roles: push hatred against Jews to new limits.
6 Months later this illuminati joke, using one of the countless fake jewish fronts, in this case the "Forward" newspaper:
'Forward 50' List Of Top American Jews Acknowledges Pope Francis:
The Jewish Daily Forward just released its annual "Forward 50" list of newsworthy and notable Jews, with an additional "Plus" category to recognize the contributions of prominent non-Jews.
One of the names on the list this year is none other than Pope Francis, the global leader of the Roman Catholic Church.
The Forward cited Francis' outreach to the Jewish community, his clear denunciations of anti-Semitism, his intention of opening up the Church's Holocaust archive, and his plans to visit Israel as indications of significant change in the relationship between the Church and the Jewish world.
"It’s a truism to say that Francis has the power to affect how more human beings view the Jewish people than any one else on earth. It’s reason enough to take him at his word — and hold him to it," The Forward explained.
Angelina Jolie was the other public figure named in the "Plus" category, due to her courageous decision to undergo a preventative double mastectomy after testing positive for the BRCA gene mutation, which is disproportionally prevalent in people of Ashkenazi Jewish background.

For fake jews start with the Federal Reserve Bank and the imminent BIG BANG:
Janet Yellen is Martha Stewart, Ben Shalom Bernanke is Paul Krugman without toupee. Best joke: Stan Fischer is governor of Bank of Israel

Illuminati actors casted to look like PIGS, fattened on purpose or NOT.
Contrast "Netanyahu's wife" Sara with the impostor impersonating Ariel Sharon from 1975 to 2006 and "film director" Michael Moore.

Fake funerals, empty coffins: Franklin D. Roosevelt to Nelson Mandela and Ariel Sharon

Who the first man ever to [M _ _ _ _] himself really is:
March 2013: Illuminati leader REVEALS himself shortly before the BIG BANG.

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